Reward based crowdfunding

How it works !

Reward based crowdfunding

Reward based crowdfunding is the most widely spread form of crowdfunding. A project creator can fund his products or services by creating rewards that he or she can pre-sell to the crowd. We have named the contributing crowd "angels".

We believe that everybody can become an entrepreneur, and everybody can become an angel. (But not everybody should!) offers a platform provides a platform which allows you to present your creations to potential angels

Creators & entrepreneurs set up campaigns

After creating a project, you will need to provide a full description of essential information like; your team, a detailed risk and opportunity analysis, an attractive offer to convince your audience to become angels. The attractiveness of the video is crucial! Reflect all essential parts of your project that makes it standout as the quality project that it is!

Angels finance entrepreneurship

We believe that everybody can be an entrepreneur, and that everybody can be an angel. Most projects allow rewards of value starting from 10 EUROS. This attracts people to see incredible gemlike projects and creators. With your support, creators and entrepreneurs get an opportunity to finance their projects and realize their ambitions.