Wallas On Velos

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Wallas on Velos

hindi – italian and english subt. 23’, col., file digitale, Belgio-India, 2014

Wallas on Velos is a film about four men in the city of Mumbai whose lives are linked together by a common element; they all make their living on bicycles. The film follows Sabir who sharpens knives (churi walla), Abdul, a milkman (doodh walla), Namdeo, a lunch box deliveryman (dabba walla) and Imran who sells cold drinks (cold drink walla), as they make their way through the chaotic streets of this teeming metropolis on their bicycle.The tone of the film is somber but optimistic. Its beautiful and evocative visuals give one a wonderful flavour of the city which forms not only the backdrop but is itself a large moving presence in the film.

Alton Valadares

Alton Valadares was born in and grew up in Mumbai.
His fascination with life and living beings lead him to study Zoology. Alton worked and lived in Lakshadweep Islands for a few years at a scuba diving center. He later lived in China for five years. It was there that he discovered his love for photography. This is his first film.


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Project Status: At the editor. 
Project details: Length of film: 15-20 mins. 

Director: Alton Valadares (BE) 
Producer: Kirti Chopra (IN) 
Producer: Lise Van den Briel (BE) 
Thanks to everyone who helped to crowdfund, develop and produce.