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Dear Filmlovers, Cinephiles, Sympathizants,
For my graduation project of this year I am currently working on a short called TSJERNOBYL HEARTS.

The short tells the story of a brother and sister, Adrien and Jules, 16 and 17 years old. They are orphans and decide to go back to the house (France) where they once grew up with their parents. They do this with the purpose of seeing how everything in and around the house has changed with time. Once there, they find themselves in confrontation with the new habitants of the house, a woman Marie and her daughter Delphine, who see no harm in welcoming the young teenagers and allow them to discover the changes. Are Jules and Adrien there with good or bad intentions? And is their innocence as kids menaced by manipulation and a collective past? I started writing with the idea of boundaries. If my property stops here, then yours begins at that exact same point. The story is about constantly pushing these boundaries, physically as well as emotionally in the relationships between the four characters of my story. The protagonists, in particular Adrien, are people that are anti-heros to me. They already know what destiny lies ahead, the loss of the house as well as the connection with their past.

The title is a reference to the children that were born after the disaster of Tsjernobyl. Children who were thus born with a heart deviation. Adrien and jules are both children with a heart deviation, but one that runs much deeper than a physical one.

The role of Adrien will be played by Martin Nissen, who won several awards for his part in Les Géants, an internationally acclaimed film of Bouli Lanners.

The photography of the shortfilm is done by Michael Van Ostade, a fellow passionate filmstudent. We decided to keep us restricted to a small dogmalist, using only natural light and one lens to shoot the whole short film. This to establish the original idea behind the story of limitations and pushing them. The cinematographic screen as well as the classic structures and rules of cinema also know their limitations. Fresh from the country of Kotbullar and everyone's favourite furniture business, the shortfilm was shot on A-cam Ikonoscop. This digital camera shoots full HD RAW images, but with an abundance of charisma and personality. With his super 16 sensor, the camera recalls the feeling of the authentic 16mm filmstock, but with the modern touch of digital cinema.

name is Emilie Verhamme. I am a thirdyear student at Sint-Lukas Hogeschool Brussels. My previous shortfilm COCKAIGNE recently had the amazing opportunity to be selected in the official competition for shortmovies at the film festival of Cannes 2012.

http://vimeo.com/41876229, here you can find a short trailer so that I can give you an idea of my previous work.

Today I am still searching for a part of the budget to complete the production of TSJERNOBYL HEARTS. I myself saved up until 3000 euros (interpretation of the actors, camera, transport, etc.) but to give the shortfilm the finishing touches it deserves, we would still need 3000 euros for post production costs such as editing, color grading, music rights, soundmix etc. A film is made for 50 procent in preproduction and on set and for 50 procent in post-production. The latter is thus as important as shooting the film itself.

That is why TSJERNOBYL HEARTS and the whole crew would be so grateful with a little support from your side. A lot of small parts, make one big whole. Your generosity will be rewarded with a mention in the credits, a visit in post-production or even a ticket for the premiere. PS: Below video's or photo's you will find Jules and Adrien.

With loads of cinematic love,

Tsjernobyl Hearts Poster