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Enrich tap water with TapFruit. Pure fruit in convenient, on-the-go stickpacks with only 14 calories. Join us! Make tap water the #1 thirst quencher and receive 1.000 stickpacks for your company!


Enrich tap water with a natural twist.
In a conscious, sustainable lifestyle you drink loads of tap water. It is healthy, good and doesn’t cost much. But sometimes you would like some diversity. Sugary cordials (sugars) and sodas are not options. Too sweet and full of artificialities.
Solution: TapFruit. The alternative that gives tap water a natural twist with a delicious, fresh fruit flavour.

TapFruit is juice from pure fruit, grown in the Netherlands, for in your water bottle or glass. In convenient on-the-go stickpacks, without anything artificial and only 14 calories per serving. With TapFruit we make tap water into the #1 thirst quencher again!


By adding TapFruit to tap water we make drinking tap water even more attractive. That is the goal of TapFruit. The more tap water we consume, the fewer the number of plastic bottles we need. That's why we hope you'll use your bottle again and again, and sometimes add some TapFruit. It saves a lot. Because 1 truckload of TapFruit equals 25 truckloads of bottled water. The sheer amount of transportation emissions for bottled beverages is completely unnecessary and can be reduced by not selling you the water but only the real fruit for in your water.

TapFruit is a substitute for bottled beverages. In offices where free bottled water is available, drinking tap water can easily save 200 water bottles per year per employee. Would you like to help us achieve that? Support us in this crowdfunding campaign and choose the funding that fits you best!



Living consciously, drinking healthily

TapFruit connects with a conscious lifestyle. More and more we are learning about what additives we consume in our daily food. Because of that, consumers increasingly choose products with a clear origin. TapFruit is a good example of such a product.

TapFruit is pasteurised juice consisting of 99.7% pure fruit and 0.3% natural aroma. In one stickpack, you will find around five pureed raspberries and a piece of pear. The fruit is from the B&B Fruit in the Dutch Betuwe region. The farm has been in existence since 1926. Because raspberries are naturally low on sugar, there are only 2,8 grams of natural fruit sugars in one stickpack, and only 14 calories!


More tap water, less waste

In most Western European countries, the quality of tap water is excellent. It is thus totally unnecessary to consume bottled water. Worse, plastic bottles result in huge mountains of waste and result in excess transportation emissions for bottled beverages that could easily be avoided. Luckily more and more people are using re-usable water bottles. With TapFruit we make drinking tap water even more attractive so that fewer and fewer bottled water gets consumed!


Crowdfunding goals

Product development has been completed. We have 12.500 stickpacks of TapFruit in styling packaging. Now it is time for phase 2: winning the first hearts!

Healthy for employees

We initially aim for companies ready to offer their employees a healthy and sustainable alternative for soda and bottled water. This is a channel for getting TapFruit out there with consumers, in order to collect customer experiences for further development. Our goal is to grow TapFruit to a business of >1m stickpacks per year, in various flavours, accessible for companies and for sale in retail stores.

With the €5.000,- in funding we will realise:

1. Sustainable (secondary) packaging for having TapFruit at companies
2. Development of new flavours
3. Creation of an online store

Rewards for your investments

Join us and buy your TapFruit!

Join us and help us move towards our next phase! Very simple. With your funding you buy TapFruit for your company, sports team or school, or for yourself or your family.

Choose from:

1. A message for in your bottle - €5,-

For €5,- we will send you, or someone you choose, a beautiful message for in the bottle!

2. Your first TapFruit - €10,-

Ten for a tenner, including postal costs within the Netherlands. 400x available.

3. Shout out to your friends! - €18,-

Buy 10 stickpacks and have us send 10 to your friends. 50x available.

4. Sugarless, one in a hundred! - €85,-

Order 100 stickpacks and receive 2 cool water bottles! 50x available.

5. Launching customer - €1250,-

The real deal. For €1.250,- you receive 1.000 stickpacks and 50 cool water bottles with your company name. This is a major step towards reducing unnecessary office waste whilst drinking delicious TapFruit!


Limo de Janeiro B.V. is the company that makes TapFruit. We stand for:

- Making tap water sexy again
- Helping reduce plastic waste and emissions from bottled beverages
- Supporting people in consuming less sugar

Limo de Janeiro was started in 2013 by Fabian Roobeek and Ernst Visscher, who have enriched their careers as strategy consultants at PwC by starting their own social enterprise. Through their company, they want to break down barriers for choosing a living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. TapFruit is the first result. It stems from their need for a healthy and sustainable thirst quencher in the office. Because in practice, working hard and healthy and sustainable food and drinks do not always go hand in hand.


Fabian and Ernst. Over the past two years Fabian and Ernst have developed TapFruit, from raw idea to a first finished product. Fabian is currently studying his MBA at IESE Business School in Barcelona. Ernst works in the Netherlands, with, among other, food-ingredients.com, a market place for specialty ingredients like vitamins and proteins.

Professional support. Limo de Janeiro has been supported by MeetingMoreMinds, specialists in network organisations and building ecosystems. For the German market, Ulrike Moritz is the TapFruit ambassador to the 80 million Germans who we hope to see drink their ‘schorle’ with TapFruit! In addition, TapFruit has its own testing panel and employs professionals for design and flavour development.

For more information, have a look at www.tapfruit.nl!