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Sista Mika: The Belgian reggae pioneer for over 30 years!


SISTA MIKA is one of the few female representatives of the dub and reggae stream.

She has developed her own music sty le in the roots, rock and reggae trend and enjoys a great reputation on the scene. She has already released 7 albums in collaboration with Steel Pulse, Freddy Loco, Omar Perry, Dubcreator, Henry P. ... which means that she’s famous in the Belgian (and European) reggae scene! She already shared the stage with Mykal Rose, Israel Vibrations, Eek-A-Mouse, Yellowman, Gilberto Gill, …


Sista Mika with Omar Perry

Sista Mika with Gussie P. and Omar Perry


She’s now preparing the release of her 8th album. On this album, she performs French reggae-dub but she also shows that she isn’t scared to sing some French pop.


The title of her new album is Format Hors Normes because reggae is a style ‘hors normes’, without borders/boundaries. It’s a little bit alternative, spiritual, non-commercial and anti-conformism.


On the album, you can find 2 personalized songs from some very famous bands: a dub-electro version of Victor Hugo’s 'Demail dès l’aube..’ and ‘Alone in Babylone’ from Serge Gainsbourg/Symphony No 3 with Brams. All the other songs on the album are self-written.


To finish the release of her album, Sista Mika worked close together with David Corleone (Deep Culcha,…), a senior artist, a composer, a singer, a few musicians, and a “fixer”.


Sista Mika with Omar Perry

Sista Mika


Why does Sista Mika needs your help?

  • - Recording sessions in the studio. Probably about 15-20 days in the studio
  • - Fees for the artist
  • - Mastering the 12 titles
  • - Production of 1000 - 5000 CD's
  • - Graphic design (cover)
  • - Photographer fee
  • - SABAM fee
  • - Flyers, folders, press communication,...
  • - Delivery cost