OostEke brouwers microbrouwzaal 2017

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The OostEke brewers are expanding and we are buying our own microbrewery plant!!
And you can help us!



We're the OostEke brewers and, we take a new step in the (short) history of OostEke brewers: the purchase of a micro-brewing installation. That's why we are looking for (beer) enthusiasts who want to support us in this.


Our goal for 2017: our own microbrewery


The aim remains to continue to work with our fixed local brewer for our larger brews, but we also want the flexibility to play with flavors and the possibility to make small quantities of special beers.



In our micro-brew system (brewing capacity 400l / brew day), we can test new recipes or existing smaller brews in a smaller amount. Or brew a custom beer for an event or association. In any case, our intention is to regularly surprise the OostEke customers with a new recipe and make some permanent seasonal recipes in it.

Picture: A happy Alain, one of the founders of the OostEke Brewery



The installation (which we have allready purchased in the meantime) consists of a complete minibrewery (a three kettle setup) and 8 fermentation tanks, completed with a semi-automatic bottling installation. Our micro-brewery should be operational in Q1 2017.

When we successfully close this crowdfunding campaign with €15.000 EUR than we can start brewing in spring 2017. The total budget that we require is 65.000 EUR, of which we already secured 50.000 EUR via other means of financing.



For this project we are looking for some help from "angels" (or maybe a whole swarm of angels) who want to support us in this project. But not for nothing, because you'll get a lot for your support. And of course you can forever count on our sincere gratitude. On the right, you can find our 12 possible rewards, they already start at €15. But besides that, you can also find great beers, workshops, you can even buy a barrel, gin, whiskey or your own beer and/or whiskey! We can offer you this variety of rewards because we're working together as a team for quite a long time and we already produced some great beers and our own gin!


We will make a page for our benefactors on our website, indicating their name or the name of their company. Do you prefer that your name is not mentioned, but you will still give us a helping hand? No problem of course.


Furthermore, everyone who participates in this project gets a special discount card, giving them lifetime discount on our products (only on products directly delivered by us). And the chances are that we will organize an exclusive reception at the official inauguration of the new brewhouse for our angels.


And all our angels are invited for the official opening of our new brewing plant, with our own beers of course ;-)



The brewery was originally founded by Alain Senechal. Alain really loves beer, especially strong and hoppy beers.


Besides that, Alain is also a full-time foodie and hobby-chef. Responsible for the recepies and he designs the labels and flyers and ... . In the 'real world', he's a distributor of printers and works in IT. And guess what, I found some spare time and I'm currently enrolled in a 'Fermentation technique' course. And I'm also the 'Eke' part of our name (because that's where I live).


Luckily I can depend on some solid pillars with my beer concerns. First there is Gert Cammerman, genuine lover of dark, sweet and hearty beers. And fellow student 'Fermentation Techniques'. From the beginning he was/is my brew buddy. He is also the proud contributor of the "Oost" part of our name. But I can also contact him for purifying my texts.

Picture: Some of our beers

Picture: Some of our beers


Without my daughter Radha we would have been labeling beer for several hours/days. I can always depend on her for logistical support.

In addition, I can also count on the support of a number of people from Tasco which always raised their weight behind this project: Lode Dehu (ginlover and the reason that the Quadgin was born), Alain De Veleer and Anton Dugardyn (for daily help, support and belief in this project).

And of course I can always count on the support of my wife Caroline, who supports me again and again in my crazy plans.

Last but not least, a lot of friends and customers belong to the OostEke team. Because without them this project certainly was impossible.