Guia ilustrado

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This campaign aims to self-publish a book, illustrated guide / visual dictionary of the beautiful city of Lisbon!

"LISBON illustrated guide" is a personal project that contains illustrations in ink + watercolor of many unique elements that give Lisbon its identity. The book is organized thematically, from its unmistakable symbols and famous figures, to the dishes of the restaurants and its impressive architecture.

Along the images are their names in Portuguese, which facilitate (hopefully!) translation into another language and even learn the Portuguese language.

Book Specifications:

  • Hard cover
  • 27 cm x 17 cm
  • 36 color pages
  • Offset 140g / m² paper
  • Printed in Portugal




I am an illustrator / Greco-Malay graphic designer who lives in Lisbon. I was born in Athens, and when I was five years I moved to Hong Kong and then to Malaysia, Oman and Australia. In 2010, while backpacking, I came to visit my brother who was studying in Lisbon. 
6 years later I'm still here!

I graduated in Visual Communication Design in Melbourne, Australia. My biggest passion (besides eat and travel) has always been draw by hand. But also like the CTRL + Z function in digital design.


Publishing this book was in my mind for a long time, and for almost two years I already worked on this in my spare time. It has been a slow but steady process, and I hope the final will be fruitful!


The raised amount will be used to

  • Print 1000 copies of the book
  • Print additional rewards
  • Mailing costs by sending books and rewards
  • The commission for the crowdfunding platforms, the printing costs, as well as any fees of Paypal

Other costs, such as materials, design, layout, editing, distribution and taxes have been / will be covered by me, the author. 

The book will be printed by the end of November and sent to supporters in early December - a great gift perfectly in time for Christmas!

If the value of the crowdfunding campaign is exceeded, it will be used in more copies of the book printing. This project is supported by and PPL.