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About Glunique

Glunique was founded at the beginning of this year by two food lovers.

Laika Smits & Ashwin Rakhan.

Laika has enjoyed working in the health sector over the past few years. She has had the opportunity to develop professionally. Laika has discovered over the years, both private and professional that more and more people are suffering from food intolerance.

We also live in a society where more and more people are experiencing time pressure. This Laika had the idea to create a company that offers the opportunity to provide a solution to these two challenges.

Ashwin has extensive experience in the sales world where as a consultant manager had temporary assignments in various companies in the UK and IE. These projects have start-up, but also great players. Whenever it was as difficult as prime objective example: Optimization of sales objectives, customer satisfaction, but also to develop teams, optimization of services, and so on.

By combining these two forces, we were able to launch a unique concept on the market! What makes us special is that we by our no frills approach provide a gluten-free, healthy home meal. Vegetarian or a meal with meat or fish is always possible.

All the ingredients are of local origin and are of quality and freshness impeccable. This allows the end user only saves time, but there are also many new opportunities these ingredients and has discovered a good meal.

Our team is made up of chefs, nutritionists and logistics professionals with experience, expertise and a passion for cooking.

Very recently, we have entered into a unique partnership with a nutrition expert (Viviane Veas). In collaboration with our nutrition expert, we provide inspirational and delicious recipes in our new meal boxes.

Glunique as well as extending its services further and proposes a kitchen without allergens of the hospitality and for workshops of the centers of accommodation and care in

What can we achieve? What is our goal ?

The objective of our company is to relieve consumers and businesses in the following areas:

How to deal with food intolerance?


 ·         Positive growth in the physical, mental and social well-being of people with celiac disease.


 ·         Sensitize to healthy and varied diets


 ·         Create more leisure and relaxation for consumers.


 ·         Make your way into the world of allergens through workshops and thereby raise awareness in the marketplace for all companies are required to inform consumers about the 14 common allergens present in the food offered.

What will we do with the money we raise with this campaign?

Because we are already approached after a month by the different parties, we can still believe in ourselves more difficult.

After a successful launch, Glunique aspires to expand. Meanwhile, we are also starting the training / workshops we offer to businesses/individuals.

With you sponsorship, we want:

* Extension of our range of products for: breakfast and cans

* Fully provide our store and expand

* Investment in logistics / transport

* Free allergenic kitchen workshops on the map

What you get in exchange for your support?

Besides our eternal gratitude for helping us advance you get a reward in accordance with your sponsorship:

- Gift Certificate €5 discount

- Gift voucher of 1 Glunique proefbox for 1 person

- Gift voucher of 1 Glunique proefbox for 2 persons

- Gift voucher of 1 Glunique box for 4 persons

- Package Glunique (co Glunique to introduce a new weekly menu with your name on our menu)

- Glunique VIP package (voucher for a workshop Allergens enjoy free, dish in collaboration Glunique in arranging a weekly menu with your name on our menu, Glunique proefbox, Glunique box).

Do you have any other questions?

If you have any other questions about this project, do not hesitate to contact us via our Facebook page or by email.

On Facebook, you can also continue to track our progress and daily activities.

We hope you also hard to believe in this project as we do.