Gezellig aan tafel met onze baby's en peuters

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In April 2016, 2 sisters from Lier, Belgium, opened a tiny but very cosy childcare center. Those two sister are: Hanne and Kaat De Becker.


It took us 2 years to finish our businessplan, because opening a childcare centre is not easy. After further education, retrainings, inspections and a lot of hard work, our project became a success. We're sure that we will be fully booked by next year, which means that we will take care of 18 litte bute very cute kids.


Nothing makes us more happy than the smile on the faces of the kids and the parents when they walk in every morning. And we make sure that the kids are still laughing at the end of the day when their parents pick them up. It's so great to see how the first friendships are made inside our cosy place, all the kids know each other, they know us and we know them.


To make sure that we don't lose the cosy atmosphere when our place will be a lot more crowded, we constantly looking to new ways to increase our efficiency. All the practical things like cleaning, doing the dishes,... have to happen very fast, to give all our attention to the kids.


The busiest moments are always the moments when the kids have to eat. Everyone's hungry and wants food! It's also a moment when they make food-art, the kids really love that (we don't actually :-) ) And when they're done eating, their only goal is to play with the toys and their friends as soon as possible, and at that moment, the legs of the high chairs are the worst invention in the history of mankind.


To solve this problem, we want to buy a new dinner table. The Kids F 6-place dinner table from 'Hageland Educatief', 6 kids can be served at the same time. We had the chance to test the table for a couple of weeks and we're so impressed by the performance of the table. The kids like to sit that close to each other, are calm, eat better, and the table has only a few table legs! Also cleaning the table happens twice as fast, which is a big plus.


It's also very handy to use the table for other activities like playing theater, a puppet show, puzzling, cooking and so much more.


The table and additional pillows cost 1600 euro. If you want to help us, and sponsor our project, feel free to buy of the rewards, or send us make us a gift: BE42 3631 4116 5554 with a clear description: "Eettafel De Zusjes + your name + email address". Thank you so much!