CUBZZ: loving a child = giving it a future

Project Owner

Wouter Cauwenbergh


I am 36 years old, with a background in science but now about 11 years of experience in large companies, in business & marketing. It’s a role I’ve filled with great satisfaction until I had three little kids, and I realized that very often they were still asleep when I left the house and they would already be back in bed when I came home. Not a problem as such until we learned that our baby-daughter had a small physical impairment that could impact her development. At that time I realized what Cleo needed most was caring surroundings that were there for her and that she could depend on. I needed to be a dad for her and not that absent strange man that walks around the house every now and then.

At the same time, as a dad I’m touched each time I see kids that are less fortunate in life. I then imagine that they might just as well have been my own children. That’s when I can no longer let it go. However just whining about, and go about my daily life isn’t going to solve anything. Therefor in 2014, I decided to throw around my life and apply my experience in order to make a real difference for as many children as possible. I decided to gather my savings and launch a new brand with the sole purpose to give as many kids as possible a chance.

I have a very positive and optimistic view on life. I believe in the power of each and every one of us. I believe in the engagement of most people and their wish to contribute to something great. I believe that together we can make a huge difference, and that we can change the world. As long as we want it hard enough! I believe there is a way to turn something that we all do everyday, consuming, into something powerful that can change things around. That way is called “CUBZZ”. And yes, the road ahead may be rocky at times, but we can jump over those rocks and boulders, or we can walk around. We can also step back and then run right through them. I’m open for advice, support and action from everyone!

Just do it! Support CUBZZ!


Op dit moment, it’s just me. Ik heb niet de middelen om mensen te betalen om me te helpen.

Anderzijds kan ik wel rekenen op JEROEN DE PAUW, de bekende chef-kok, die de peter is van CUBZZ, en die me al op alle mogelijke manieren heeft geholpen. Verder is er ook TOM MOONS, die fijne kerel van SOS Kinderdorpen die al van in het begin een erg waardevolle sparringpartner voor me is gebleken.

Tenslotte zijn er ook enkele ‘strong believers’ onder vorm van ondernemers met een groot hart, die me hun kennis, ervaring en diensten bijna gratis hebben aangeboden, om in deze eerste fase CUBZZ op de rails te krijgen. Zo is er:
- Kiliwatch -> een mega-creatief design-agentschap uit Sint-Truiden
- ???? -> de super-professionals van een reclamebureau uit Brussel die ervoor kozen om eerder een stille kracht te zijn achter CUBZZ. ... Jasper, je weet dat ik het over jou en je team heb ... ;-)!
- Luon -> creatieve digitale genieën uit Mechelen
- BUTIK -> een can-do agentschap gespecialiseerd in ‘experience marketing’ uit de buurt van Antwerpen.

En last but not least zijn er Belgocatering, COMPASS GROUP, Java Coffee & Trendy Foods, et die reeds van bij de start aangaven dat ik op hen kon rekenen.

Aan al die mensen, DIKKE MERCI !!