CUBZZ: loving a child = giving it a future

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Why does CUBZZ exist? ?

Each child is like a cub. It has the potential to become king of the jungle if it is cared for in away that allows it to develop. Each child has potential, and every child needs a chance. Wherever in the world it is born. Dozens organizations exist, large & small, national & international, that are dedicated to creating opportunities for children. Most of them do beautiful work but many have very limited resources, in terms of money and people. Many kids therefore end up not having a chance to make their lives into something beautiful. CUBZZ offers its proceeds to those existing organizations in order to give them a lot more leverage and help them increase their impact. CUBZZ will also inform consumers in order to drive volunteering service with these organizations.


What makes CUBZZ unique?

CUBZZ was founded to create chances for children, while most other brands or storebrands merely exist to generate profit for their owners. Whenever you buy a CUBZZ-product, you can trust you’re buying a qualitative product, and through that purchase you create an opportunity for a child. By choosing CUBZZ, you will empower your Euro!


How does CUBZZ work?

CUBZZ sells qualitative products & services that everybody needs and buys. The aim is to have price & quality always comparable to competitive A-brands. Eack unique packaging will contain a unique code. By introducing that code on the cubzz-website the consumer chooses what project the profit of his purchase will be donated to. If a code is not applied, the profit will be automatically distributed across participating projects. Each time a certain amount of money is gathered a cheque will be written out for that amount and be handed to the respective organizations. This will all be clearly communicated. Profit-distribution will always be viewable online. CUBZZ works with SOS Children’s Villages as it’s founding partner. This beautiful organization will continuously be able to depend on CUBZZ’ support. Anyone will be able to recommend extra organizations to be taken up into the list of beneficiaries.


What is the product?

In the future CUBZZ wants to be able to offer a very diverse assortment. However the cost of that is significant and as I only have a limited amount of savings to get this started, I’ll need to start on a small scale, with just 1 product: a soy-based chocolate-drink. Here I’m talking about European soy in order to avoid over 20.000km of transport. CUBZZ also guarantees durable cocoa, and I consciously opted for a delicious chocolate-drink, containing 60% less sugar than the market reference.


Where to buy CUBZZ?

CUBZZ will be available in stores and businesses with a heart for children. Currently I’m talking to the better company reatsurants & catering, sandwich-bars, some supermarkets, but also to a known chain of clothing stores and a variety of leisure-time locations. Any businessowner who might be interested to support CUBZZ by selling the chocolate-drink is obviously very welcome to reach out. The more interest there is, the more leverage CUBZZ can have in creating chances for kids.


CUBZZ is a brand of delicious products with an authentic story. Every day again CUBZZ will have to earn the trust of the consumer by doing as it promises: Investing its profit in creating chances for children. In doing so, CUBZZ will earn its place in consumers’ hearts and it won’t have to spend loads of money on expensive advertising campaigns. The more consumers share and talk about CUBZZ, the more enthousiastic they are about it, the lower we can keep the marketing costs for CUBZZ, and the more profit remains to be invested in children.

The proceeds of the crowdfunding campaign ?

Launching CUBZZ involves significant costs. I’ve used my family’s savings for it. In order to be able to afford the first two productions, I needed about 30.000 euro’s extra. Half of which I’ve borrowed from my parents. The other 15.000 I want to raise through crowdfunding. A third production-run can be started as soon as the first one is sold. That way I should get the wheel spinning and be able to start building momentum. Of course the profit from sales (estimated at about 15%) will be invested in creating chances for children, already from the start.


The CUBZZ team ?

For now, the CUBZZ-team, is just me. Fortunately I have a loving and supporting wife who accepts that I lock myself up for hours in a row, when the kids are in bed. And luckily I can depend on a whole group of big-hearted folks who at this time are willing to offer me their knowledge and services for free. Without all of them, this would not be possible. Last but not least, I’m proud to announce that JEROEN DE PAUW, the famous Belgian TV-chef has dedicated himself as guardian to CUBZZ. As a human being, Jeroen is the perfect match for the brand and obviously, his support to make a huge success out of CUBZZ is PRICESLESS!