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A Belgian Chocolate Bar in Sweden!

My name is Evy, founder of Chokaka which soon opens in the center of Kinna. My passion for chocolate grows every day and i feel the need to share this with others. With Chokaka I would love to combine a traditional Belgian chocolate shop with the typical Swedish fika tradition. The shop will offer homemade high-quality Belgian pralines and other chocolate confectionary which can also be directly consumed in the café with a good cup of coffee or a delicious, inspiring hot chocolate. 


In the near future, Chokaka will also serve as the venue for chocolate tastings and workshops which offer a journey into the exciting and sumptuous world of chocolate. 


What makes us special?

The focus of Chokaka is offering Belgian handmade products!


The pralines will be made from scratch using all natural ingredients sourced from largely local suppliers, except the chocolate ofcourse. These supplies involve high-quality products to provide excellent flavor and taste. It is important that our items not only taste delicious, but also look appealing and attractive to the eye. Therefore we add the extra little touch to every product.


Chokaka offers also artisanal Belgian cookies and candy, which are not yet sold on the Swedish market. The coffee served will be imported from a small Belgian artisanal producer, which makes Chokakas coffee unique in Sweden. 


We are lagom!

What does lagom means? Simply said: it is just enough or just perfect! We aim to offer different products, but not too much, but also not too little. 


Why do we need crowdfunding?

Chokaka would love to pay extra attention to their smallest customers. Chokaka wishes to present themselves as a child friendly café with a functional nursing table, an attractive kids corner to play so that parents can relax and enjoy their Fika, and we want to offer tasty (low sugar) drinks.


What you will get as a sponsor?

First of all our eternal gratitude! 


But we offer coupons for a box of homemade chocolates so that you can taste yourself that your investment was worth the money...


Big sponsors can have the opportunity to get an unique discount card which can be used for purchases all year round.


Or get an exclusive opportunity to learn to make your own chocolates and to discover the secrets of Chokaka during a workshop in our production room!