Een nieuwe gistingstank voor Bueckenholt

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With this crowdfunding campaign, the Bueckenholt Beer Company wants to buy an additional fermentation tank of 500 liter.



Bueckenholt beer


For over two years, the Bueckenholt Brothers in Brewbrewed there own beers, the Bueckenholt Belge and Bueckenholt SaisoN548 (and soon, a Christmas beer, the Bueckenholt 3008), in the brewery of Kampenhout. Unfortunately our brewing activity was not always proceeded as planned. Thereby sufficient stock was not always available, and we had to disappoint some customers occasionally, as their favorite beer was temporarily unavailable. The reason was that the present capacity of the brewery was not always available, as they have only two fermentation tanks.


To meet the annual brewing capacity in the next few years, the Bueckenholt Beer Company has invested in the brewhouse of the Brewery of Kampenhout. There they will purchase an additional fermentation tank of 500 liter at the end of this year. The cost is estimated at 10,000. Part of this amount will be invested by a private investor. The remaining amount will be invested by the Bueckenholt Beer Company itself and / or by raising funds through crowdfunding. The crowdfunding will be raised by pre selling our beers with value for money.



Founding brewing fathers Koen & Joris