Pricing and fees.

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Success fee

Only pay if your project is successfully funded has no start fees for the use of our services. We invite you set up your campaign for free: sign in, create an account, raise funding for your project (or company), and/or contribute to a campaign. only charges a success fee when the crowdfunding campaign is successful.

Success fee

If your project is successfully funded, the following fees will be collected from your funding total:

  • 0€ project registration fee
  • 6.5% commission fee if the project reaches its objective

Payment processing fee

Additionally, there is a payment processing fee (between 2% and 4%) charged by the payment providers (such as Paypal, the credit card companies and the banks). The exact break-down depends on which payment solution was used by your angels. You can find the complete and transparant overview in your payment account.

If a campaign is not successful, the only fee to be paid by the project owner is the transaction cost invoiced by the banks (between 2 and 4% of the amount raised).

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