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Wij vinden dat iedereen de kans verdient om te kunnen investeren in interessante bedrijven. Investeren in startende ondernemingen is nog nooit zo aantrekkelijk geweest, zowel voor het bedrijf als voor de investeerders. Onder bepaalde voorwaarden kan je dankzij de Belgische Tax Shelter zelfs genieten van 45% belastingsvoordeel.

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We believe that everyone deserves the chance to invest in interesting companies, whether you're an experienced investor or not.

It's never been more interesting to invest in startups or scale ups, both for the investor as for the entrepreneur. To give you an example; Do you know that you can apply for a tax reduction of 45% of your invested capital? Doesn't that sound like an interesting opportunity? (Only for BE citizens and under well defined circumstances.)


Looking for interesting investment opportunities? We have plenty!

HOW IT WORKS's Investors Club facilitates investment opportunities


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Discover interesting companies and take a look at their business plan. Vet the team, do your research, and pick the ones you really believe in!


Invest! You don't have to invest thousands of euros, we give you the chance to start small.


With the new Tax Shelter, you receive a tax reduction of 30% - 45% of the invested capital. That's not bad ;-) (Only for BE citizens and under well defined circumstances)

Everyone can be an investor. You can start small, so everyone who wants to invest, really can invest. Create your free account, without any obligation. It's never been more interesting to invest in young companies!

We make it very easy to invest. We give you interesting opportunities, take your time, do your research and invest in companies you really believe in. We take care of everything else and help you with everything.


Your career as an investor starts today!


Receive a tax reduction of 45% of your invested capital

As an investor, you have the chance to get a tax reduction of 30% to 45% of your invested capital. It's mandatory to be the owner of the enquity for at least 4 years. You can invest up to €100.000,- a year with the Tax Shelter, but you have to make sure that you don't own more than 30% of a companie's shares. If you do so, you can only enjoy a tax reduction on the first 30% of the shares. Sounds complicated, but we promise you it's not!

Only for Belgian citizens and under well defined circumstances. For more information about the Tax Shelter, take a look at the website of the Federal Public Service: Finance.

A lot of young companies are looking for investors. It's quite obvious that not every company will be a huge success, but a smart investment will be good for both the investor & the entrepreneur. Get access to interesting possibilities and invest in the companies you believe in. gives entrepreneurs the chance to start their company with our crowdfunding platform and we can grow them with the Investors Club. This unique approach that gives us a special connection with the entrepreneur and the company.


We give you the opportunity to invest in interesting startups and scale ups.

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