How to start a campaign.

More info about launching a project or company crowdfunding campaign.


This is our guide to help you to set up & launch your campaign.

We’re in this together. We can only be successful if you are successful. In our various pages you can find tips and advice to create the crowdfunding campaign for your company or project.

Part 1.

Prepare for your campaign.

Success in preparation is preparing for success!

Crowdfunding is an amazing opportunity to raise funds, connect with potential clients and get great feedback. But it’s also hard work, because you need to create your campaign, run the campaign and convince people to support your idea and project.

Part of the preparation is to think hard ahead about what your project is and how to communicate it. An original, authentic and accurate video is the way most people will learn about your project or company. People will have many questions about your rewards, the team, the timing and most importantly about you. So think hard on how to show you deserve everyone’s trust!

Part 2.

Start your project.

You will need to complete the following steps online on to start your campaign.

Step 1: Project details.

Project title

State the title of your project (short & clear!). This is important because this will also be part of your website address (

Project category

Choose one of our categories (from art to design, film, energy or technology startups). Over 15 categories are available.

Short description

A short description of your project. If your project is published on the homepage of, this will be the description your potential angels will see.

Full description

The full description of your project. It’s important to explain YOUR story. Why do you start this campaign? Who are you? Introduce the team or other persons supporting you. Explain the timeline, and what people can expect. Be open and honest, most people don’t know everything in advance. Include your budget, and explain how you got there. It shows that you’ve prepared well in advance and are committed to make it happen. Include everything you find important. It’s YOUR project, so you can be proud of it!

Step 2: Media.

Your picture
this will be your ‘main’ photo, which will be used for your project communication, on our pages and also be the main image when you share on social networks.
Your video
Your video is one of the most important elements. Try to be creative in telling YOUR story. This does not mean it needs a professional production (although it can be). The most successful videos contain the info. you have given in your full project description; your story, your project (or company), yourself (and eventually your team), your timeline budget and don’t forget to mention something about your rewards.

Step 3: Funding.

Funding goal
This is the amount you would like to raise on Do not forget to calculate the cost to deliver your rewards. You can always “overfund” your project, but if you do not reach your minimum budget, we consider the campaign has not reached its objective and will refund all your angels. So think hard about the budget, include all costs, and don’t forget you cannot change your budget once the campaign is running.
Choose the number of days your campaign will run. This can be between 1 and 90 days, but most people choose between 30 and 45 days. It’s important to create urgency, and see progress in a campaign.
Start date
Set the date on which you would like your campaign to start. Best is to plan max. 3 months in advance.

Step 4: Describe the campaign rewards.

Create rewards
A crowdfunding campaign exists usually of 5 to 10 rewards, in various price ranges. Be creative, distinctive and clear when thinking about your rewards! Most campaigns have very low priced rewards, but also very exclusive ones. Don't forget to calculate the delivery costs in the price for sending it to your angels.

Step 5: Team.

Your name
That one speaks for itself ☺ This person will be displayed as the project owner.
About project owner. Tell us about your experience, motivation, and all other info you want to share.
By sharing your Facebook profile, potential angels can get a feeling of who you are. This helps to build trust.
By sharing your LinkedIn profile, potential angels get a feeling of your professional accomplishments. This helps to build trust.
Share some info about the other person(s) in your team or person(s)that assist you where applicable
share any other personal or professional website or story that can be helpful to give more information about you.

Step 6: ID check.

We always verify the identity of the project owner. This information is purely for our internal process and will never be shared with anyone else. This information is also important for the payout of the proceeds of your campaign.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Phone number where you can be reached
  • Bank details

Step 7: Additional partner info. has teamed up with a number of professional partners who all share the ambition to support project owners, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to start a campaign or raise funding.

On this page you can find a series of questions, which can lead to tips, help or new opportunities.

Step 8: Preview.

Now we provide you with a page with your project link so you can preview your campaign page on

We will now review and approve your project. This can take a couple of days. Once your project is reviewed it will go online on the date that you requested. We'll of course send you a message at that moment.

Part 3.

Launching & running your campaign.

Hey Ho, Let's go.

You’re all set to go! It’s important to get good and early momentum for your project. Develop a creative promotion plan. This can be done by informing people online about your project, but also by organizing or hosting events, communicating to the press or connecting to other similar communities.

It’s great if you can post some updates of projects on your pages. It shows you’re seriously working on your project, and active and new angels love to hear updates. Very often existing angels, who already backed you, share these new updates since they already backed you, and this generates a lot of new angels for you.

It’s great to share the progress, milestones that you accomplished and successes. But don’t be afraid to communicate if anything changes or if you have difficulties. People understand if they know, and often they will even try to help you to find a solution. You would not believe how wise and resourceful the crowd is!

Part 4.

Fullfillment and follow-through.

Go all the way.

If you’re project is successful, please make sure all backers receive their perks and that you keep communicating well.

Communicating about the progress is key. Angels love to hear about the progress. Also, when you encounter delays or difficulties, share this with your backers!

If you need additional information from an angel about their rewards, or you want to share a specific update, please contact them directly. Don’t spam anyone, but informative communication is always welcome.

Even after you finished the campaign and delivered all the perks, it’s great to keep updates on your campaign page. If you ever start another campaign, many will check your other campaigns, and it can really mean a boost for another project or company.

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