Equity based crowdfunding

How does it work.

Equity based crowdfunding allows for entrepreneurs to raise funds by offering shares to angels. The angel receives unlisted shares of the company, usually in its early stages, in exchange for the money invested. Creating a strong and coherent business and financial plan is crucial, since angels invest in exchange for future returns.

More information will be made available on the terms, conditions and process once equity crowdfunding is available.

angel.me offers a platform

angel.me provides a platform which allows you to present your company to potential angels.

Companies set up crowdfunding for equity campaigns

The establishment of a crowdfunding campaign through the sale of investments takes a lot more preparation. A well-developed business plan and solid financials are crucial. More information will follow at a later date.

Angels finance entrepreneurship

We believe that everybody can be an entrepreneur. Not everybody should become an entrepreneur, but if you have a great plan and commitment, anything is possible. Likewise, everybody can be an angel now. Investing in startups or growth companies was previously preserved for a small group of people, but digital platforms have created open marketplaces for entrepreneurs and investors. Crowdfunding allows for the process of raising equity via angels to be much easier and accessible to a new generation of investors and entrepreneurs.

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