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Project in the spotlight: "Basson : supporting my dream towards the conservatory."

Basson, a project opening my dream towards the conservatory.

Music is my big passion since I have been a child and I am planning to sit the entrance examination at the Brussels Royal Conservatoire next March.
But to make this real I need a professional bassoon and the price of such an instrument can very from 13.000 to 30.000 euros. As I don’t have all this money I’am asking you for some financial help because it would really help me more my biggest dream come true and your support would also increase my chances to make this project possible and successful. It would be a real gift for me if one day I would be able to live from this passion.

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Beer projects in the spotlight

Are Belgian beers the best in the world ?

Belgium has just received the recognition from UNESCO that Belgian beers are on the intangible world heritage list.

The craftmanship, tradition and quality of the Belgian beers are non-parred. But we do not only enjoy the immense Belgian heritage. We also place forward new breweries and beers. Below you can find a number of fantastic small beer brewery projects on angel.me. Enjoy !

Beer projects in the spotlight

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6 Reasons why you should consider crowdfunding

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    get financed thanks to the crowd

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    test the viability of your ideas abroad

  • validation


    validate your idea or company

  • marketing


    start communicating from day 1

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    our partners provide professional advise



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5 tips to succeed your crowdfunding campaign

It’s vital that angels who want to support your project get a picture of what the project is about, and who the person behind it is. We often get asked:”what should we include in a project description?”.

These 5 elements increase the chance for success of a crowdfunding campaign:
1. what is the product or service/ and what is the solution that it is solving ?
2. why is this product or service better than another ?
3. what will you use the amounts for that you raise via crowdfunding ?
4. what is your approach related to sales and marketing ?
5. who are the persons behind the project ?

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